All About Trident

Learn more about Trident, the game, and the team behind it.


What is Trident?

Trident is a 2D MMO, procedurally-generated infinite universe video game. Trident utilizes cryptocurrency in a novel fashion to enhance the in-game economy, freedom, and privacy of the user. Trident also encompasses various mini-games you can play outside of the main Trident MMO, like our Pet Battles.

The Trident MMO & Trident mini-games are new games under development by Geyser Forge Studios.

Why Trident?

The state of GameFi is currently disappointing, to say the least. Saddened by the sorry state of not just GameFi, but also the broader gaming world, the team was assembled, and Trident was born.

The Trident team is a group of seasoned gamers & game developers.

We have a clear vision for how we can create an exciting and innovative game that will be played for years to come.

With inspiration from the greatest games of all time, and the new, unexplored possibilities that cryptocurrency opens up, Trident is paving the way for a new era of games.

Read the Trident Manifesto

The Game


Trident currently has two games in development: the Trident MMO, and Pet Battles. Both the Trident MMO and Trident Pet Battles are free to play, and incorporate the powerful Risk to Earn model into their gameplay. Trident's smart contracts run on Arbitrum, with plans to eventually expand to other Layer 2s such as StarkNet.

Trident MMO

The Trident MMO is a procedurally-generated infinite universe. Explore vast and unique worlds, harvest resources, fight to control territory, engage in bounty missions, poach exotic creatures from distant lands, and much more.

Pet Battles

Pet Battles are another way to play Trident. Use your poached or purchased pets in this Pokemon inspired battle game powered by Trident's Risk2Earn engine.

How to Play

Trident is extremely easy to get started with.

All you need to do, is click the "Play" button in the top right, connect your Ethereum wallet, connect to the Arbitrum network, and sign a message to register or sign in.

From there, click either the "Trident" button or the "Pet Battles" button to start the respective games.

Both the MMO and the Pet Battles games are in currently pre-alpha. You will need a Pseudo Kraken NFT for the MMO, or a DegenScore Beacon NFT for Pet Battles!

Risk to Earn

Observing the pitfalls of Play to Earn, we thought, "there must be a better way". In this, Risk to Earn was born.

Read the Risk to Earn Paper

PSI Token

PSI is the main token of Trident. You can use PSI for wagering against with players, to exchange for NFTs, and more.

Trident NFTs

Items and cosmetics can be minted as NFTs, bringing them on chain as desired. These are standard NFTs and are composable with other smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain such as markets (like OpenSea) or lending platforms.

Some cosmetics will be available for purchase as NFTs, and usable in-game.


Trident's community is one of the best around. Unite with fellow Atlantians in the Trident discord.

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Estimated CompletionRoadmap Item
Q4 2022
Website & Content OverhaulOur homepage is getting a complete revamp, along with many new (and revised articles)
Q1 2023
Arbitrum One RelaunchTrident is relaunching on Arbitrum One, the fast, cheap, and secure Ethereum L2.
Q1 2023
OasisSwap DexShortly after our relaunch, Trident is introducing OasisSwap, our new Arbitrum native dex.
Q2 2023
R2E Pet Mini-game (Sprite Duels)Pets will receive their first non-cosmetic usage in-game through pet minigames.
Q2 2023
Combat Triangle — Melee, Ranged, & MagicFrom this point we begin fleshing out the foundation of our game, starting with the combat system.
Q3 2023
Items and InventoriesWe will introduce the first few items and inventories into the game, enabling basic transacting of Trident game items.
Q3 2023
Crafting, Resource Gathering, More MobsThis update will bring the first craftable items, introduce new interactive mobs, and the first resource harvesting on the open world.
Q3 2023
Loot and EquippablesWe'll introduce new equippables and loot from mobs and activities
Q3 2023
Leaderboards & Acount StatsPlayers will be able to compete as we'll bring stats and leaderboards public.
Q4 2023
Procedurally Generated WorldsThis will bring infinite proc gen worlds to Trident.
Q4 2023
Alpha MMO ReleaseWe'll be wrapping the above features into the official public Alpha release.
Q4 2023
Player Owned HousesPlayers will be able to purchase and decorate their own houses, and invite friends to visit.
Q1 2024
Matchmaking for Duels PVPWe'll begin testing our MMR matchmaking system with Duels PVP.
Q1 2024
R2E Wagering for Duels PVPAfter matchmaking is working smoothly, we'll bring R2E to the Duels PVP gamemode.
Q1 2024
Sponsored Content CreationAt this stage in Trident's life, we'll be sponsoring streamers and e-sports players to foster a competitive scene for Trident.
+ More to be announced