Roadmap Adapted

Trident has a long road ahead in its journey to the become the top GameFi project. We’ve broken down our roadmap objectives below so you can see where we’re headed.



Trident has a long road ahead in its journey to the become the top GameFi project. We’ve broken down our roadmap objectives below so you can see where we’re headed.

Roadmap at a Glance

+Website & Content Overhaul

+Arbitrum Relaunch

+OasisSwap Dex

+Combat Triangle — Melee, Ranged, & Magic

+Items and Inventories

+Crafting, Resource Gathering, More Mobs

+Loot and Equippables

+R2E Pet Mini-games

+Duels PvP (Competitive focused, sectioned off PvP matches)

+Leaderboards &Account Stats

+Procedurally Generated Worlds

+Alpha MMO Release

+Player Housing

+Matchmaking for Duels PVP

+R2E Wagering for Duels PVP

+Sponsored Content Creation

Milestone 1: Website & Content Overhaul

From the time we first launched to the public, we’ve wanted to overhaul both our website and written content. Now as we approach our relaunch on Arbitrum, that time has come.

Our website is being completely redone to better communicate what Trident is, who we are, to onboard users, and so on. Our skilled designer has been testing various layouts and styles and we’re finally at a point we’re happy with. Anything a user interacts with should be completely intuitive, legible, and exciting.

We’re also in the process of writing new (and revising old) articles that better explain what our core values are, what our goals are, our plans for achieving those goals, and the details of the game and its development.

Milestone 2: Arbitrum Relaunch

We’re beyond excited to bring Trident to its new home, Arbitrum.

Arbitrum is a phenomenal chain. It’s extremely fast, very cheap, and highly secure (by inheriting much of Ethereum’s security). With growing TVL, and a fantastic community, ripe for GameFi innovation, Arbitrum is the perfect place for Trident’s relaunch.

At launch, we will open bonds for PSI and raise funds to open our Arbitrum native DEX, “OasisSwap”. You can learn more about OasisSwap in an upcoming article to be published here on our medium.

Arbitrum is Trident’s chosen home chain, however we have our eyes on expansion to other chains such as StarkNet in the future.

Arbitrum has the highest TVL of all rollups, and by far the best community we have seen. A no-brainer choice for Trident’s new home

Milestone 3: OasisSwap, an Arbitrum native DEX

We plan to make OasisSwap the premier native DEX of Arbitrum. OasisSwap will be described in full detail in an upcoming article, so stay tuned for that.

Milestone 4: Combat Triangle — Melee, Ranged, & Magic

Variety via horizontal progression is the game design philosophy here.

Using a triangular combat system, like rock/paper/scissors, we can keep combat balanced much easier, and focus on adding good equips to each combat style, rather than making it overly-complex and daunting for no reason.


Bows will shoot straight and be aimed with the cursor on a 360 rotation.


Melee is controlled via keys, and controller later, as will everything else when controller support is added


Magic will likely be following the cursor for a set amount of time or distance, so one can track a player’s movements with the mouse (or controller stick). “Likely”, because, we will build this, and have players test it for feedback to make sure it isn’t too powerful.

Milestone 5: Items and Inventories

Shortly after combat we’ll be implementing the first items (and inventories) to the demo game.

To start with, we will have simple player inventories and only a few items to choose from. As we continue to add more features and game content, naturally there will be more items that come with that.

Milestone 6: Crafting, Resource Gathering, More Mobs

Not all players want to mercilessly bash each other for fun, some will want to fish, mine, and hangout by the swamp to farm ogres.

We’ll develop the PvE experience for that reason, giving an enjoyable and relaxing grind to all players.

Skills will come, to offer XP-based vertical progression in the different activities.

Milestone 7: Loot and Equippables

If a player does some activity successfully, they should receive something in return. For that, we have loot. Some loot will be consumable, and some equipped as gear.

Items in Trident are mintable and tradable on-chain. However, this is optional. This feature is being designed with meticulous care to be equally accessible to both the crypto-native players and those players who are new to crypto.

An article detailing how that will operate is in the works, but, essentially, we will use “web2.5”, a mixture of off-chain and on-chain item management.

Milestone 8: Risk-To-Earn Pet Mini-games

The current way we are developing this is, (to avoid pay to win), players can attach “move cards” to their pet, which, they earn in-game via the MMO.

Its likely that we allow players to use any and all cards from the beginning, to test them out, until we add the cards you earn in-game via progression. Players will get “achievements” via doing different activities in the game, which unlock those moves for use.

They will put their pet to the test against other players’ pet builds, for a wager, or, just for fun.

We don’t plan to adjust stats according to rarity, as to avoid pay-to-win.

Milestone 9: Duels PvP Matches

We love PvP, its the true grounds to settle all debates.

With Duels PvP matches, we push to bolster the competitive scene of our combat for those who don’t wish to base their achievement on MMO progress.

Many players simply want to queue up for a match after school or work, hop in and poop on some players for 10 minutes, and then carry on with their day.

Sectioned off “Duels” will exist for that purpose. This will be good for the mobile port as well, since folks can play a few quick matches on the bus and not have to invest tons of time in learning all the intricacies of the MMO and its PvE + PvP mechanics.

Just pop in a match, maybe make a wager, and have some fun with friends in a 2v2 or 4v4 against randoms. In-game chat function will be here too, so players can bring the tension via bad mouthing.

This is part of our initiative to move towards esports as much as possible, and provide content creators with exciting competitive content.

This is different from the Open World PvP, which is explained below:

Players will of course, be able to PvP each other in the open universe in certain areas. We plan to have this area be on any planet, as long as it is below the surface of the planet. Many valuable resources will be stored in these places, so PvE farmers who are not careful are always in danger of being stomped and looted.

Yes, players will drop held items upon death. Not all of them.

Milestone 10: Leaderboards, Player Stats, and Account Systems

Players who shine in their chosen path of the game should be recognized publicly. For that, we have leaderboards, and stats.

XP, PvP Kills, Achievements, and more, will be publicly shown for all to see and admire.

This will aid in the Risk-To-Earn economy as well, since, players who do well on leaderboards will receive attention.

Spectators will seek to bet on those top performing players in any RiskToEarn matches, or tournaments, they compete in.

Milestone 11: Proc-gen Universe Algorithm Development

Procedural Generation is something not seen too often in MMO’s, but if done properly, provides a near-infinite horizon of exploration.

A player will progress through the infinite proc gen universe, personally, by defeating the world boss of the planet they are on. This will open travel for them, to adjacent planets. The farther they go out in the universe, the more difficult these planets become, not unlike Bitcoin’s “halving” mechanic, where, instead of new coins released into the supply here, it is planets that get opened up to the player.

Players unlock these planets individually, and they will not be locked via XP or level. If you can muster the strength and skill to beat the challenge, you can do it, and move forward.

We do not believe in locking content behind burdening and boring XP/Skill level walls. If you’re good, and you can do it, we encourage you to take the challenge.

Milestone 12: Alpha MMO Release

The milestones mentioned so far, will culminate into the release of the Alpha for the entire MMO game.

Until this point, things will be tested and launched via our pre-alpha demo as we prepare our team for the expansion and scaling required to begin the Trident MMO. We encourage feedback from the players and community on what they like, don’t like, love, and hate about the game until this point.

This is our biggest milestone here, and we will offer the game completely free to anyone who wants to play.

The game is built for everyone who has the heart to play what we’ve passionately put together, and we hope the rest of GameFi follows suit in this approach.

Trident is built by gamers, for gamers.

Milestone 13: Player Housing

Players will unlock materials in-game, and use them to construct their own houses on a sectioned off area of the universe.

We will not do a land sale, limited in-game land is silly and a complete miss by the rest of GameFi.

Players will find “neighborhood” areas on some planets, where, once reached, they can plop their plot down and build their own house how they want, allowing friends to teleport to it and such.

Milestone 14: Matchmaking for Duels PvP

To create the best player experience, and in preparation for the intensity that R2E wagering will bring, we will be building and finely tuning our matchmaking system.

Players will be assigned an MMR (Match Making Rank) based on various factors such as account age, XP earned, KDR, etc.

Milestone 15: R2E Wagering for Duels PvP

Our Risk-To-Earn wagering system is one of the backbones of Trident. We’ve written in detail about this, so for information on that innovation, read this article.

Milestone 16: Sponsored Content Creation

Sponsoring great players, who stream, make content, and overall just love the game, is a win-win for Trident and the community’s player base.

Once we have the game in a state where folks are playing regularly, and names start to pop up for content creation, whether it be top tournament performers, people who do funny things and troll in game for youtube videos, or trade items on the exchange on-stream, whatever it may be, we want to incentivize them to keep doing what they enjoy.

The Void

We have more in the pipeline that we won’t share just yet. Stay tuned.


We are excited to have a large stone to grind and chisel upon. With each passing day, we hope to bring you along for the ride in making GameFi a better place, for those who enjoy crypto, and for those who aren’t quite sure about it yet.

GameFi space needs someone to step up to the plate, and innovate with the wonderful technology of blockchain, for a better gaming future.

We strongly urge you to pop your head in the Trident Discord, to input your thoughts and add your perspective.